A Brief Guide To Buying Conference Tables – Houston Texas

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Source: A Brief Guide To Buying Conference Tables – Houston Texas

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Conference Tables

Of all the furniture in an office, the conference table might be the most prominent. It’s where important business happens. In some offices, it’s also where workers take lunch, have training, and huddle for collaboration.

There’s more to consider when choosing a conference table than its grandeur, though. How your business works, the kind of work that you do, and the number of people in your office all play a role in deciding which table is right. Here’s a bit more information on the conference tables that Cubiture offers, and how each one might work for you.

Rectangle: The Classic Table
When you think of a conference or boardroom, you probably think of a gleaming, rectangular table encircled by high-back chairs. You’ll find many rectangular tables in stock at most office furniture dealers, including Cubiture. The rectangle is a matter of necessity in some offices, and serves a couple of purposes.

First, there’s seating. A table large enough to seat numerous attendees would be enormous if it were round. Stretched out into a rectangle, you get the necessary seating without a large, square room. Second, a rectangle gives a natural spot for the head of the table, or two seated at opposite ends. For formal meetings, a rectangle might be the way to go.

Boat: Classic with Visual Interest
The boat-shaped conference table is a spin off the rectangle. It’s long and narrow, but the sides curve slightly in toward each end. This is another shape that’s useful for formal business meetings. It also improves visibility, as users toward the ends can see others without leaning.

One misconception about the boat-shaped table is that it seats more people. That’s not the case, though, as the additional side length created by the curves is marginal. If you need additional space, a boat-shaped table won’t really give you more than a rectangle.

Round: Everyone’s On the Same Footing
While round conference tables aren’t efficient, and there’s the issue of crowded feet underneath, they do offer something else that’s becoming popular. Where there’s no head or foot of the table, everyone is on equal ground.

The round table is ideal for collaborative meetings. Instead of one or two people at the helm, the circle creates an environment where it’s less intimidating to speak, participate and share ideas. Creative businesses might work perfectly with a round conference table.


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