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How Do I Know How Much Used Office Furniture is Worth?

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Office Furniture Used

Many office managers and small business owners turn toward used office furniture when establishing or upgrading their work-spaces. While used furniture offers a winning combination of quality, performance, and resource conservation at a deeply discounted price, determining its resale worth can be challenging to furniture industry outsiders. Buyers and sellers alike should consider these factors when identifying the value of a piece of used office furniture.

Fair Market Value
Perhaps the most significant factor in evaluating the worth of a used piece of office furniture is its fair market value. A standard appraisal industry term, this relates to the price a buyer and seller would agree upon on the open market.

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Conference Table Sales, Installation & Design Services

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Conference Tables

Conference tables like the one shown above provide you with a central focal point around which key decisions can gather and share ideas. Imagine trying to have a meeting of the mind without an appropriate meeting space. It simply cannot be done. Setting aside a special area, and furnishing it with a table designed specifically with meetings in mind, is one of the most important elements of office space planning. Choosing the right table for the task is one of the more important decisions you make when purchasing new or used office furniture for your location.

This is because conference tables fulfill a symbolic role in addition to their fundamentally functional purpose.They often reflect both the business and the type of industry that the business operates within. Facilities that are primarily devoted to production may have only brief meetings with a small group of managers. Conference rooms and tables in these organizations tend to be very small and basic, and they may not even be made from wood. Businesses in other industries, however, may rely upon a series of long meetings that run throughout the day. These organizations will need more sophisticated tables to support a larger number of attendees.

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Reception Desk Millwork

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Millwork magnifies the impact of your most visible office furniture pieces. Casegoods can be enhanced with any number of decorative forms, styles, and dimensions. Millwork is also commonly done on reception desks, filing systems located near the reception area, and bookcases used for quick, convenient access to organized reference materials.

Millwork directly expresses your corporate culture and sets the tone for your entire interior design.


Reception Desks Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes


Source: Reception Desks Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

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Quality Reception Desks & Office Lobby Furniture

Your reception area desk makes the first and strongest impression, not only to customers, clients, vendors, and visitors, but also to your employees. While a high-quality desk may give your customers a good impression, if that desk doesn’t fit the needs or physical needs of your staff members, they won’t be able to work comfortably, which affects their productivity. Amillwork desk is one that has been made using millwork pieces or components that can be decorative or functional.

Desk Appearance

When visitors enter your reception area, you want them to be favorably impressed with what they see. This includes your reception desk. It should be well-maintained or new-looking, stylish and neat, with paperwork and supplies at a minimum. If your visitors are required to sign in or fill out paperwork at the reception desk, the surface should be high enough for them to stand comfortably as they do so. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so high that the receptionist can’t see over the top when guests come in.

For your reception staff, the desk should have enough storage that they can put papers and files away, enabling them to keep the top of the desk looking neatly organized. Storage can be incorporated with the shape of the desk – curved, U-shaped or L-shaped.